Over the last 20 years, flat roof systems have developed rapidly. MPC Roofing can install a wide range of flat roof systems with GRP (glass reinforced plastic) and torch-on felt among the most popular options.

Whatever type of flat roof you need, you can rest assured that by hiring MPC Roofing to install it, your business will be in capable hands. We understand that commercial flat roof projects are constrained by budgets and deadlines. We are fully committed to working within these limits and providing the most cost-effective solutions.

Seamless waterproofing with GRP flat roof systems

Often known as fibreglass, GRP is one of the most durable and popular flat roof systems on the market today. A GRP flat roof provides a totally seamless waterproof barrier between your commercial building and the elements. It is extremely durable and requires minimal maintenance.

GRP flat roofs are also flexible and can adjust to your roof’s natural expansion and contraction without cracking. The one potential drawback to this system is its initial cost when compared with other types of flat roof.