Most roofs make use of lead flashing and secret gutters to stop water and air from entering through vulnerable areas (e.g. around chimneys or where different materials are joined together). Gutter boxes and linings may also be made from lead.

Lead can become corroded over time, especially when exposed to condensation. It can also be physically damaged. Once you lose protection of your lead flashing or lining, water will soon start to find its way into your premises, threatening your stock, machinery and even the integrity of the building’s substructure.

Call MPC Roofing for any commercial lead work

Lead work is a specialist field within the roofing sector requiring plenty of skill and experience to handle. Fortunately, MPC have the knowledge and expertise to replace any damaged lead and make your premises waterproof again.

From repairing damaged lead flashing around a small shop’s chimney to repairing or replacing extensive lead roofing over large commercial units, no lead work is too minor or major for us to carry out.