If you are looking for a re-roof (or full roof replacement), MPC Roofing can guarantee a thorough service with all work completed to the highest standard.

Is it time for a full roof replacement?

There are two main situations in which a full roof replacement becomes the most sensible course of action:

Firstly if you are making structural alterations to the property. Or you want to use more modern materials or refurbish for a new look.

If you are experiencing recurring problems with your roof, for example leaks, heat loss or condensation, it may be that the underlying structure of the roof is damaged or degraded. In this case, investing in a new roof will be more cost-effective than shelling out for regular repairs.

How do I know if I really need a new roof?

If in the case of the latter and you feel like you may need a new roof, or want to get a second opinion, please call our friendly team. We are trusted by our customers to give out clear and honest advice.