Lead work is a specialist discipline requiring in-depth knowledge of the properties of lead. In addition, how to handle installation, joints, thermal expansion and other factors.

Created to stand the test of time

Lead may be found in different areas of the roof from lead tiles around flue projections and lead box gutters or gutter linings to lead flashing in roof valleys. It may also be around chimneys and other areas vulnerable to water ingress.

If you notice lead which has perished or is coming away from a surface or at the joints it will need remedial attention sooner rather than later. Delaying lead work runs the risk of severe water damage and a hefty repair bill further down the line. Damaged lead is little better than no lead at all when it comes to keeping water out.

Lead work is not something that can be learned overnight or picked up from a YouTube video. Choosing the wrong kind of joint, fittings or otherwise failing to install lead properly will undermine its waterproofing ability and put your property at risk.

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