Slates and tiles are the most common materials used in the surfacing of roofs in the UK. MPC Roofing have decades of experience in repairing, replacing and installing both types.

A comprehensive slate and tile roofing repair service for your home

Have you lost slates following a period of windy or stormy weather? Has your roof been damaged? Or are you suffering from water ingress and suspect your roof may be structurally compromised?

First of all damage to a single slate or tile can undermine the integrity of your whole roof. Therefore compromising the ability to keep the heat in and the water out.  In addition, damage around the roof can give the elements a foothold into causing further damage. This will lead to a more extensive repair job further down the line, costing you much more.

In short, all suspected roof damage should be inspected urgently by an experienced and qualified roofing company and repairs carried out immediately. For any concerns with slate and tiled roofing, get a survey from someone trustworthy. Why not speak to MPC Roofing first.