From Grade II listed houses to churches and cathedrals, MPC Roofing have a wealth of experience of working on sensitive and historic buildings.

Your listed or historic property will be safe in our hands.

Preventive Conservation Through Quality Roof Repairs

Repairing the roof of a listed building is always a careful balancing act between restoring its protective function and maintaining its unique character. Over time, roofing materials will inevitably degrade and, if left too long, will lead to further damage of the underlying structure. This, in turn, will reduce the significance of your property and may even trigger an ‘Urgent Works’ notice.

MPC Roofing can provide your roof with the care and respect it deserves. Working closely with all interested parties, we will be committed to protecting the appearance and integrity of the existing roof by salvaging as much original material as possible and replacing damaged materials in accordance with guidance from planning officers. Where possible, materials (e.g. tiles or slates) will be replaced with like-for-like alternatives and carefully matched for colour and style. Decorative banding and other traditional patterning will be recreated where necessary.